Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh yeah, we're still here.

Wow, who knew this thing was still active, right?

It's coming up of the end of fall term for both Dea and I and it is officially kicking our butts. 

In between work and finals for various classes I still somehow squeeze in time for crocheting : D

On the weekend of the 19th I went to the lovely Beaverton high school and set up shop for the day. Everyone was extremely nice and the people running the bazaar were very hospitable. But now almost all my inventories gone! Which, I suppose is a good thing but I still have 2 bazaars left : F

Everyone was very very nice and I am definitely planning on going back next year : ) 

This weekend of the 3rd of December (It's officially Christmas season, who else is super stoke?) I will be at the Sabin-Schellenberg bazaar in Milwaukie. Since I'm bring my own table I'm pretty sure I'll be down the hallway by the offices : )

 Is it just me? I'm having a really tough time typing right now. Learning two languages and still trying to speak good English is sheer craziness. 

I just made a cute dinosaur that needs a home, come see him this Saturday! : D

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