Friday, December 23, 2011


Purple - is Dea

I still exist, amazing right? I yearn to rebel against the system yet can not break out of the box society has laid for me. I plan to graduate college than stick it to the man by letting my educated mind go to waste. (Movie Reference!!)

But seriously though. 

While crocheting holds a deep part in both Karis and I's hearts she is quickly falling in love with knitting while I am falling deep in love with my sewing machine. 

I only have a sewing machine because for christmas when I was 14 I asked for a stereo and got a sewing machine instead. Needless to say good old Betsie has laid dormant for many a moon.   

After making an adorable blanket for my god daughter, (No pictures. INTENSE sad face.) I came across the idea on the interwebs to sew alphabet letters with magnets in the middle. After a trip to the fabric store 


 Indeed they are a little jankidy but for test drive 1 they came out hella freakn cute. In the near future I'm probably going to make cardboard templates for the letters so they are uniform and don't look super super weird like my free hands do.

I bought fabric for these and even though it was cheap (thank goodness for sales and coupons) I think I'm going to go to second hand stores and up cycle whatever I can get my hands on. To be true to my hippie state and increase my profits. *thumbs up*

I want to sell them as entire sets and individually, for names and such. 
All in all they are ADORABLE, and they were super fun to make. I can't wait to find a sale for more magnets so I can get this show on the road.

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