Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The magic of a boxy bag

Can I just say how shocked and delighted I was that our blog got 18 views two days in a row?
Also kind of sad in a weird way but lets focus on the positive.
We also reached 100 followers on Etsy. ;D

Have you guys been seeing the box bag fade that has been happening on Etsy? Zippered pouches that have a box like form. I was gifted one at christmas, purchased from the wonderful Etsy store, A needle runs through it 
Her bags are perfectly crafted and always has such a selection of off beat fabrics. (Mine is a collage fabric of Wonder woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl. If you were wondering.)

Researching these bag I find that they are rated a two star level of difficulty for sewers. Two stars? I had to try my hand at it. No. I really had to. Karis was very insistent. So after looking at some very helpful tutorials my first box bag has come into existence! 

 OOOOHHHH. AAAAAAHHHHH. Your skills Dea! They are unmatched!
Why thank you. I do surely try.

I really enjoyed making it and am proud of the fact that it is upcycled. Karis and I buy scraps of materials at second hand stores, zippers when we can find them and take advantage of clearance rooms at local fabric stores. It was take one so it isn't perfect but it was a lot of fun. And it gives purpose to our busting fabric drawers. Who knows? Maybe they will start making an appearance in our Etsy shop.

Now Karis and I are sellers on Etsy, but we are also buyers. We wade through the sea of beaded jewelery and crocheted scarves to find the perfect gem to spend our minimum wage dollars on. And find a gem I did.
Yes Ma'am. That is a blue leopard print bow hair clip with Frankensteins face on it. It was a set of two, the second bow was purple leopard print with the Bride of Frankenstein on it. Karis must have worn it to class.
: /

These lovely bows are made by Dylan! Her Etsy profile astutely points out that she likes to make stuff. 
Find her shop Here! Super fast shipping and off beat products. One of these days I will get my ears double pierced so I can wear ear rings again. Then I will wear one of her sweet sets.

I think that is all for me ladies and germs! Remember to like KayDea Crafts on Facebook and check out our bodacious Etsy shop.

Catch you later alligator!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life of a Cripple


If you read our last post then you know that I had foot surgery. Nothing serious I just had one of my bunions corrected.
It has been three weeks since my surgery and I'm not going to lie it was rough. Hopping to the bathroom, crawling up stairs and begging people to get me food from the kitchen was not very becoming.

But my support system was amazing and did everything right to make sure my ass (and foot) were on it's way to recovery. I am now walking all by myself! The adventure is not over however. Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, March 21 I am getting my right foot done.

But you didn't come here to read about me, you came here to read about the adorable crafts that Karis and I bless the world with. And provide you I shall.

Since I have had such an extensive amount of time to myself I've been working on our Etsy Shop. Thanks to faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust our views are up! Sales aren't where we would like them to be but we are greedy that way.

Have you seen what we put up there? No? Well they are freakn' adorable so let me show you.

 Pokemon shirts! Size 4T for your adorable toddler that is in their baby Pokemon stage. Right now we have Horsea (featured and looking fierce) Cleffa, Dratini and Wooper. We also have a Hoppip shirt in grown up size!

We also found a new local artist to con into letting us sell their goods. (By found I mean he is Karis' boyfriends brother) He does Perler Bead art is makes super sweet Mario characters that we made into magnets.

Look at that. How cool is that? If you bought these you would have the coolest refrigerator on the block, for sure. Buy Me.

Alright my friends! I think I have jibber jabbered for long enough. Remember to like us on Facebook, visit our Etsy shop and if your compassion and pity compels you, purchase something.

I'll catch you cats on the flip side!