Monday, December 19, 2011


Christmas is coming!

I'm super stoked, I love Christmas and working at *unsaid craft store* puts me in even more of a Christmas daze.

And since I work yarn and always crochet on my breaks everyone at work knows that I make toys.

So a lady I work with (She helps me stock kids :] ) asked me if I could make her a monkey for her daughter for Christmas. Because her daughter specifically said "I guess I want a stuffed animal. But it has to be one no one else has" 

So she asked me : )

And here is the fruits of my labor! 

 She decided that she had better get two since she has two daughters and didn't want them to fight over them :D So I gave them each a skirt in her daughters colors

I made this pattern myself and am so happy with how they came out. (Do you see that they even have little thumbs?) And since it's a monkey and not an ape I gave it a tail. You need to think about those things, you know.

This is definitely one I will be making for the bazaars next year.

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