Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's been a bit

Bazaar season has come and gone! *whew!* Finally.
After PCC Karis found us one more bazaar at Madison High School. But it didn't go well.
So we won't talk about it.

Fall term is over, Bazaar season is over and thus Karis and I's winter break begins!

What do we have planned for such a coveted event you ask? Simple.


Karis has been knitting, I have been scrap booking and attempting the raging beast that is my sewing machine.

We will keep you guys up to date with our craftyness. We have plans to try our sweet skills at screen printing. Oh yea.
With wax paper.

Did you guys noticed we added stuff to our Etsy shop? No? Well here it is!
Did you see that we consigned our first local artist? Her name is Patty, and here is her bitchin' quilt!

See you later.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cascade Heights and PCC!

These past two weeks have been a whirl wind! Between getting ready for finals, slaying finals, bazaars and custom orders we are ready for Christmas break!

Saturday the first we were at Cascade Heights public charter school. Now Karis and I have never heard of this school and I vaguely knew what a charter school was. To say the least we didn't know what to expect. We set up shop the night before and arrived Saturday morning expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

It was a blast! We were busy most of the day and most of the people we were having transactions with were kids. They were pretty amazing.
 Karis of course.
Soon I'll put up pictures of both of us. So you know we are both real.

We loved this bazaar! I heard whispers and them doing it again next year but trying to advertise it more. We will be there. ;D

We met a wonderful lady who was selling reusable sandwich bags that Karis fell in love with. Check her out at her Etsy shop!

And our box farm animals. Always a hit!

The Portland Community College bazaar was interesting. We knew about this one because Karis used to go to PCC for Japanese. So it is understood by all persons involved PCC is a FLYING PONY away from our house. To get there we took the Sellwood bridge which is a nightmare in the morning. After traversing the treacherous roads we made camp in the college center of the campus. It was a very long bazaar (8am - 6pm) and it felt like it was slow going. We did loose quite a bit of sales because we do not accept debit while we are at bazaars. So next year, or maybe as soon as spring, expect us to have the fancy square! The marvelous device that quickly and simply allows us to take your money.

WOW! This is a longer than usual post. I am sorry for the longedness and dryedness. I hope future posts are more joyful and glorious.

I want to give a shout out to one of our followers Markus. Follow his blog here. Here is a cute male fellow who lives in Europe, as I'm told. He has an adorable pattern on his blog for a christmas tree. Thanks for being amazing Markus!

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