Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I do love my family.

Purple Text - Dea

I love my family. Oodles, loads, tons, a freakn gaggle. 
We do remember when my lovely Aunt Maggie gave us a big ol' bag of yarn correct? 
Here you go.

My cousin Morgan just gave us a ridiculous amount of yarn. 
Remember that Karis and I have a lot of yarn. Between the two of us we have seen a lot of yarn and by no means exaggerate when talking about the lovely skeins. 

But this is glorious.  

That is 48 skeins and 3 balls of yarn. For free. 

Morgan's husband's aunt is old and she crochets wash clothes, and also happens to an excessive hoarder. 
Which in our case is beneficial. *thumbs up* 


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