Monday, August 22, 2011

The yarn

Two posts in one day, amazing, right?

Anyway, Dea and I just got home from our annual family camp out up in Washington. And in between eating, talking, and drinking 'till we puked our Aunt Maggie says:

"You know what, girls, I think I might have some yarn up in the attic that you'd be welcome to."

Now, I wouldn't exactly say that I hoard yarn, it's more like collecting urge, but I love getting yarn for cheap. It makes me feel accomplished. And you know whats better than cheap? Free.

 I put my altoid can in there so you would have something to compare it to size wise. Both bags are filled with yarn. And not the cheap yarn, either.

If I wasn't ready to pee myself by this point this certainly made me:

My aunt freaking knitted that. My mind was blown! I thought stuff like that was myths from how to books and Martha Stewarts closet!

Amidst my gales of girlish giggling brought on my pure happiness I found a bag within the bigger bag filled with squares. A grocery bag stuffed with crocheted squares of purple and blue. BAM. That's an instant blanket with the right stitch!

Two things make me happy: food and yarn.

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