Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New obsession

Blue = Karis

Check this out. 

I was on the internet, as I do, when I came across these super cute amazing flowers.

OMG they're so pretty! geisha would wear them in their hair, kanzashi flowers. They are super easy to make, it's pretty much origami with fabric

Here are some of our results!


They're in that awkward first learning stage but I just geek at how adorable they are. I love it!

Most of this made possible by glue gun international. Helping people appear like they have skill since 1954 

And that's basically what I've been doing. I assembled a few dolls Dea crocheted and have finally finished writing up my horse pattern that's been in the works for a few weeks. I'll make a post about it sometime (maybe). And now I am going to make a dinosaur pattern! Who doesn't love a good dinosaur? 

And the Etsy shop is in the works : ) 

I've signed us up for the Beaverton high school bazaar which is on November 17 and should be amazing but now I'm being paranoid about stock. It should all work out in the end because crafting is the only thing that keeps me sane. 

See you next time!

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