Monday, June 18, 2012


Blue = Karis

Spring term is finally done! Thank goodness. 

It was like gogogo and then stop. And our production kind of went the same way, slow down to non existent. 

But now we are gathering our wits and trying to find a groove. It seems like as soon as term ended we both got really full schedules at work. Which isn't a bad thing if my shifts didn't start at five in the morning....

But enough jibber jabber! Cuteness I love and cuteness I shall provide. 

I had to write a speech about my house for Japanese class and thus make a power point. And of course I had to do some self promotion ; )

 I love orange cats <3
 女くま thinks you are so cute!
  And all our ami's love the internet 

Speaking of the internet I plan to open up an etsy shop sometime this summer. It will be a consignment shop so it will include our work and some from fellow artists in the Portland area. It should be super amazing! 

This up coming weekend we have a rugby alumni game, baby cousin birthday parties and our 8 year old nephew is staying with us until September. So lets see how this goes!



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