Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh, hey. How you been?

I've been busier that snot. Which is saying something.

It's now officially spring term and we are in the full swing of rugby season. So that leaves little time to craft let alone just come home. Dea and I mostly go from place to place and catch naps in our cars.

It is the life we lead

But in the midst of this I am able to do a couple custom orders every now and then.

This is Yoda when he was still a WIP and I know! I forgot to take a picture of him before he went home!

He came out really good : / I gave him legs and pants and little yoda toes...

Like Dea said, our new goal for inventory is 250 and we're sitting on about 140. It's totally doable.

 We popped out 8 sushi magnets sitting and watching netflix for 2 hours. We're a perfect team.

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