Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have done art!

 Say hello to Charizard! Isn't he great? Adorable? 

It was my boyfriends sisters birthday and she knows that I crochet and so she asked me for a Charizard. I didn't really give her an answer because I was so busy with school and I'd have to buy the right color yarn, felt, and make 10 billion pieces and sew them all together.
But then my boyfriend asked. And then bought me storage drawers to put my yarn in. 

So here he is! I used Shelly Hedko's amazing pattern. 

I improvised on a couple parts (toe nails) and just felted the flame on his tail, which was actually super fun. 

And my mom is just smitten with him! She usually says "Oh, that's cute" but she just geeked over Charizard :3

Charizard mugshot

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