Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's what month you say?

Blue = Karis

So. It's September. For like four days now. Who knew, right?

This summer I thought it would be a good idea to branch out of my small circle of college, work, and crafting by working at a summer camp! Yes, it's true. For nearly three months I worked with children teaching them how to operate old looms and weave hand towels. So yes, I also learned how to weave and do maintenance on 50 year old looms. Even though my bank account did not get a boost this summer my resume certainly did. 

Any who, since I was lost in the woods for so long it did put a small hiatus on our production of cute things. 

But! Did you know Dea moved into a house? You know what that means. Craft room! Yes, my friends. The first day I got back from camp I set up shop in Deas old room and now KayDea Crafts has a work space! It's actually quite glorious. And look at all the toys we got done!

Dea and I have been trying to find creative ways with using our "texture" yarn since we've recently acquired a surplus of it. Monsters abound, my friends!


I myself like the squid in that turquoise. It's adorable!

After being away from life in the city for months I forgot how big our yarn stash was. I am now determined to make myself a formidable opponent by turning as many skeins as possible into toys! Ganbatte! And I still have a few weeks before I go off to university (so scary!) so lets see what we can do!

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