Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New year!

Blue = Karis

2013 Bro! 

Christmas season has come and gone (finally) but with the whirlwind of the holidays all the opportunities to craft fell through my fingertips! But isn't that how it usually goes? You think you have so much time and then bam, it's over, and there was so much more you wanted to do.

I started a bunch of projects that are now half finished (including a pair of socks for my new baby nephew. Sock status now!) There could be a long list of all of those half finished and ghetto finished projects but lets get onto the good things, shall we?

TADAAA! Can I mention how cool this made me feel? Like a boss. Like a BOSS.

See, I've mentioned that I like pokemon but I'm not sure if the true love, appreciation and obsession was communicated. I am a kid from the '90's, you see. 

Both Cleffa and Wooper were printed on 4T shirts. Isn't that cute? Your toddler can have a baby pokemon on their shirt and when they grow up we can make the next evolution in the sequence. :D

Yeah, so, this is most definitely my new craft kick so expect to see some more *thumbs up*

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