Monday, November 26, 2012

Beaverton Bazaar 2012

Can I say that we got 17 pages views yesterday. While I am going to assume it wasn't all the same person that is pretty freakn awesome. 

Sorry for the late update but here is some info on the Beaverton Bazaar. 
Karis and I left home with high hopes as we headed to the delightful town of Beaverton. We could smell the winds of change and money. We had a very positive feeling and hopes the day would bode well for us. 

So of course it started out pretty difficult. Beaverton is a little bit of a jaunt for us to go to. The rain was very intense ( as it usually is in beautiful Oregon) so Karis got to feel what hydroplaning is. But don't worry! We live in Oregon, we know what to do. 

When we set our eyes on Beaverton high school we parked up front, for easier unloading of course. We had some early trouble finding our table but soon settled down and set up shop. 

<------ There I am. I don't know what I was thinking when I made that face. 

                                                                                   There is Karis. Like I said, we were having a tough morning.

And toys! Of course toys. And don't worry you guys, we told every customer they could find us on Etsy. (Return customers perhaps?)

All in all it was a great day at Beaverton. We had really great sales and we bought some stuff for christmas.

Try to buy local! Hazzah!

Thanks to the lady who helped find us a table and spot, thanks to the band players who put on beautiful music brought us pizza to buy and bought some toys from us. 

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This up coming weekend, December 1st, we are going to be at Cascade Heights public charter school. We have never been to this bazaar and I have never heard of this school. We don't really know what to expect, but you know we are going to look good doing it. ;D

We will update you guys soon. 

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  1. Hope everything's going great with you guys!your work looks brilliant!