Monday, August 22, 2011


That's it. It's happened. I've fallen in love with knitting.

My grandma used to knit all the time; mostly blankets but also socks. Knitting has always seemed too amazingly fantastical and complicated that I never even dreamed that I could achieve it.

But little by little I've (Again, this is Karis) been making strides to achieve such greatness. You can see in one of my posts about my first attempt at Cables.

But recently a bunch of people in our family have gotten pregnant and being the crafters we are we felt the need to make baby blankets for said unborn babies. (It's something our grandma always used to do and we are nostalgic people)

Here's the blanket I'm working on for my cousin Mary-Kate's baby:
They don't know the gender yet and I thought this yarn was gender neutral. I'm knitting a border of three knit stitches all the way around and then alternating squares of knit and purls. I love knitting, it makes me feel really cool. Which is lame.
But you see how the tips of my needles are red? Turns out the yarn was flecked with red dye that rubs off onto my needles. It's kinda cramping my style because it gets caked on there are the needles don't run as smoothly against each other. Don't worry though, I'll run it through the wash before I give it to Mary Kate. 

Here's the blanket Dea's working on for her boyfriends sisters baby who is going to be a girl:
The mothers name is Tawny and she wanted the colors to be lime green and pink and that she liked the way they looked fused together. So Dea's double crocheting with a fat L hook. She's had to frog it two times now because she hasn't liked the size/she only has two balls of the green. As soon as the blanket body is done she's going to frame it with black shell stitches.

And all out of the goodness of our hearts.

I think I'm going to start making baby blankets to sell at the bazaars. Toys are nice to make but they're not exactly portable. You have to take the yarn, hook, stuffing, eyes, scissors, needle. It's also really relaxing to just sit back and knit.

And you trust me when I say that I'm gonna try and tackle some kind of new knitting skill. I just need to find a nice grandma who's willing to teach me.

The yarn

Two posts in one day, amazing, right?

Anyway, Dea and I just got home from our annual family camp out up in Washington. And in between eating, talking, and drinking 'till we puked our Aunt Maggie says:

"You know what, girls, I think I might have some yarn up in the attic that you'd be welcome to."

Now, I wouldn't exactly say that I hoard yarn, it's more like collecting urge, but I love getting yarn for cheap. It makes me feel accomplished. And you know whats better than cheap? Free.

 I put my altoid can in there so you would have something to compare it to size wise. Both bags are filled with yarn. And not the cheap yarn, either.

If I wasn't ready to pee myself by this point this certainly made me:

My aunt freaking knitted that. My mind was blown! I thought stuff like that was myths from how to books and Martha Stewarts closet!

Amidst my gales of girlish giggling brought on my pure happiness I found a bag within the bigger bag filled with squares. A grocery bag stuffed with crocheted squares of purple and blue. BAM. That's an instant blanket with the right stitch!

Two things make me happy: food and yarn.