Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Craft update

Blue = Karis

So, I took one class this summer and just took my final. That means no studying. Or homework. Or anything. It's a weird concept.

And my job is at the wee hours of the morning so by 10 o' clock am, when I clock off, I've already worked a full shift. 

So due to me not having class until fall term starts and only working in the mornings I have expansive days set before me. I can do anything I want! It makes me giddy as a school girl! 

While most of my time is spent playing Pokemon Conquest (so addicting) I've been able to explore some leisurely crafts. 

Check out what I made!  
They're leaves! Leaves.  This makes me feel like a champion among men. A champion.

 I don't think you can imagine how excited I was. Imagine a kid in a toy store and then you surprise them with a hundred dollar bill. 

I was at work and saw this book.

It's a wonderful book full of gorgeous stitches. It's perfect to have on your shelf as a reference or to flip through for ideas. It's going to be my best friend <3 

I made this with some sugar n' cream yarn to make a dish scrubby. (The fanciest dish scrubby on the block) I'm going to make a couple with different stitches and gift them to my boyfriends mom for Christmas. Thumbs up for multitasking.

Check out what else  I made.  


Monday, August 13, 2012

Believe it or not

Blue = Karis

It finally happened. Yes, my dear friends, I finally opened my Etsy shop. *heroic music plays*

It took me a good 2 hours but it has been done! There are only a few item up but there will be more. I'm popping out patterns, stitching, and trying to console my bank account. 

Wanna check it out? We're using Dea's account so it pops up under her name, I'm trying to work it so both our names are listed on it. (Or at least mine, tee hee)

One more thing before I go.

Who wants some pony cuteness? 

This is the horse pattern I previously mentioned. After a couple of trial runs and tweaking I've become happy with the final product. 

As you can see she has golden hooves and a rainbow mane. Her cousins going to be a unicorn.

Yeah, I know. It's pretty awesome.